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Ubharte Sitaare Fund

Ubharte Sitaare Fund was registered in July 2021 and co-sponsored by SIDBI and Export Import Bank of India, with an objective to identify and invest in ventures in manufacturing and service industries which are presently in domestic markets looking to enter foreign markets as well as existing mid-sized exporters wanting to scale up their operations. The strategy will involve investing in manufacturing and services ventures which have the potential to become champion exporters by technology upgradations, product development, business strategy and market development.
The fund is a close ended fund registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Category II Fund.

Key Investment Criteria

Ubharte Sitaare Fund is looking for investment in enterprises offering potential for attractive growth and earnings. Indicative investment criteria are -

  • High entrepreneurial drive: We will consider an investment opportunity only where we find high entrepreneurial drive in the promoters of the company and who have ambition to take the company to the next level. For the purpose, presence of strong top management team with proven ability will get due consideration.
  • High scalability and non-cyclical business: We are looking for businesses which have high scalability and can reap dividend by quickly and cost effectively reaching to its target customers. We would be interested in sectors which are relatively insulated from periodic downturn of the economy.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage: We prefer to invest in innovative business models with a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • A clear exit plan: We seek to invest in ventures with clear strategy for exit within a reasonable time period in order to create and realize the value in the investment.

Mode of Investment

Ubharte Sitaare Fund would invest primarily by way of investments in privately negotiated equity / equity related and / or convertible / non-convertible debt instruments in unlisted companies. It shall also endeavour to provide mentoring support and other value additions to enable the investee companies achieve rapid growth and achieve / maintain their competitive edge in international markets. The Fund will seek board representation and other rights as an investor.

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